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Music Clips
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Below are my three CD's all containing original compositions.
I have also included a few select tracks for your listening pleasure.
Simply click on the highlighted tracks to hear the songs.
If you would like to hear a specific song, please email me.

 1- Goin' honky ton kin tonight
 2- What I know about you
 3- This I like
 4- Sorrow bound
 5- I'm lookin' for that horse thief
 6- The last rites
 7- Hey there senorita
 8- World of silence
 9- The song - Swapping song
10- The tramp in the boxcar
11- Canada's king of yodellers
12- Phone me
13- Let me pretend you're my daddy
14- What have you
15- The one she runs to see
16- The lonely gravestone
17- Where the underworld mingles
18- I walk lonely shoes
19- Devilish angel
20- Let my heart know
21- A toast to Judy
22- What a difference it would make
23- It's hurtin' so much
24- If you want to be a knight of the road
25- Ask the savior to stand by you

 1- Packin' up blues
 2- Just to satisfy your pride
 3- Make believe heart
 4- You can't do that
 5- Requiem for a tramp (forgotten old Joe)
 6- Yodelling cowboy call
 7- Broken hearts that loved in vain
 8- Christmas with mama
 9- You won't keep me long that way
10- Just remember me
11- I'm so hungry for your love
12- Home is no longer home
13- Foolish girl
14- Cowboy hat waltz
15- Rhythm of the rails
16- Big words
17- A fool's broken heart
18- Miss me
19- I only have one mommy
20- Reconsider me
21- Life's bitter tears
22- Little broken heart
23- You turned our love into a comedy
24- Song of the rails
25- Alias the hobo

 1- Highball Special
 2- I'm getting over you
 3- You Know That
 4- My buddy's last ride
 5- Daisy Sally
 6- Leavin on the midnight choo choo
 7- Rich without money
 8- I've lost my place in your heart
 9- Say it now
10- Kiss and Run
11- Mama in heaven
12- Mailbox is empty
13- My blood runs cold
14- Love had it's day
15- You don't have to be from Switzerland to yodel
16- I almost forgot we're through
17- Your stanby
18- Freight train whistle
19- Not a one
20- Brown vs Brown
21- The roaming fever
22- You played with my heart
23- My sunny south sweetheart
24- Hearts never mend
25- Another wasted rendez-vous